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For full list of codes: PI's GitHub page


LaSEC: Landmark Sampling Evaluation Curve

This R function, in the LaMBDA R package, helps the user assess whether geometric morphometric data contain too few or too many landmarks for characterizing the size and shape variation in the study system.


PERDA: Polymorphic Entry Replacement Data Analysis

This TNT script helps assess the impact of poor intraspecific sampling on an existing data set by replacing each polymorphic state (e.g., [01]) with a single state (e.g., 0 or 1) and recording the conflicting tree topologies that result from this differential morph sampling. Running PERDA on data sets, even with poor intraspecific sampling (e.g., paleontological data), reveals clades, within which the taxonomy should be further investigated because character-based intraspecific variation is able to overcome interspecific variation. For further information, please refer to Watanabe 2016 Cladistics.



This Python program takes a NEWICK string file and a CSV file of a single continuous variable and conducts a permutational regression analysis on phenotypic and phylogenetic distances to create a histogram of the distribution of regression coefficients. NB: this program requires module to run, which can be downloaded through Peter Beerli's website. Written in Python v. 2.7.2.

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