Listed times are in Eastern Time (ET) zone.


April 15, 10:00–11:00am: Puerto de Ideas Festival, Chile [virtual event] 

Speaker: Aki Watanabe


April 22, 12:00–1:00pm: "Reducing Waste in the Time of COVID," NY, USA [virtual event] 

Co-organizer: Aki Watanabe (Chair of NYITCOM Sustainability Committee)

April 29, 1:30–1:45pm: Experimental Biology Annual Meeting [virtual event] 

Speaker: Aki Watanabe

May 27, 11:30am–1:30pm: Peoria Riverfront Museum, IL, USA [virtual event]

Speaker: Aki Watanabe

May 27, 2:00–3:00pm: "Scientist at Home" Series, American Museum of Natural History, NY, USA [virtual event]

Speaker: Todd Green

June 4, 8:00–10:00pm: Mayborn Museum, TX, USA [virtual event]

Speaker: Aki Watanabe

June 21–25: 2021 Virtual Summer Science Institute: 3D Vertebrates [virtual workshop]

Guest Instructor: Todd Green